About us

Green Yard is a romanian shipbuilding company specialized in naval constructions and reparations.

Green Yard Company

Green Yard was established in 2000 and started a rapid and sustainable development becoming a well known locally and regionally shipbuilding and ship repair/maintenance company.

The company's activity is taking place on the biggest industrial platforms and shipyards in Romania such us Braila, Galati and Tulcea. These cities are located on the maritime sector of the Danube river.

Besides its own working spaces in the main shipyards, Green Yard has in property a new production hall for metallic works, highly equipped according to European Standards. Furthermore, the company has concrete platforms and warehouse spaces where it produces electrical cable traces in isometric system, pipe traces for ship pipework, ventilation pipework, transporting band cases, manufacturing of ship pipework.


In 208, the company implemented and certified the Quality Management System in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008 with international validity, certification that guarantees quality of final services and works to any national or international partnership.

Our Team

Presently our company has employed 180 permanent workers, highly specialized on the following professions: engineers, economists, foremen, locksmiths, fitters (pipeworkers), welders (electrodes, MIG/MAG, argon), mechanics, electricians, sanding worker, painters.

In our work we use welding tehnologies and welders who are qualified by the following shipping registers: LRS; GL; DNV; BV. In what regards the welding activity, the company's welders are specialized in MIG-MAG technolgy with or without ceramic support.

Please note that, in case of possible collaborations, our company has all the workforce, equipment and accessories necessary for a custom, high caliber project based on a client's needs and indications.

Our Partners